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Royal Terrace Grass Warrantee

Please note that this warranty is only valid after returning a signed copy.

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1. Limited Warranty.

Subject to the terms, conditions and limitations contained in this warranty certificate, Royal Terrace warrants to the person, firm or entity purchasing from Royal Terrace as indicated on the signature page hereof (“Purchaser”) that under normal conditions during the applicable warranty period referred to below, Royal Terrace products will maintain their UV stability and tensile strength.

2. Commitments.

The warranty period of Royal Terrace artificial grass varies by Product and the intensity of daily sunlight. The details are as follows:

Daily Sunlight intensity (W/m²) BS-4018 AYT-32125 CJZ-30 S-10
0-160 8 8 years 6 1 year
161-200 8 8 years 6 1 year
201-240 7 8 years 7 half year

During the above warranty period, if the product has been damaged as a result of the quality of artificial grass itself, Royal Terrace shall be responsible for replacement of the defective product for free.
If a product fails to perform as warranted during the warranty period, Royal Terrace will provide replacement product, the contract and the project request, for the defective turf or use the agreement that both sides achieve in order to solve the problem of the defective product as soon as possible. Royal Terrace shall not be responsible for removal or disposal of the defective turf or manufacture or installation of new turf nor the collection and return of the product. The customer is responsible to return the defective product to Royal Terrace at their own cost. The client must afford Royal Terrace 10 days to inspect the defective product before replacement will be made. Once a replacement has been approved and authorized by Royal Terrace, to delivery to the customer will not be included in the product replacement warrantee. It is the customers own responsibility to collect the replacement product at the Royal Terrace Depot or warehouse.

3. Limitations on Coverage.

This warranty does not apply (i) if the Product is used for any application other than sports fields or courts or landscape applications,( ii)to any damage caused during or on account of improper installation (iii) to any damage caused during or on account of improper processing or repairs (ⅳ) to the extent that any defect or damage is caused by:

(a) Burn, cut, accident, vandalism, abuse, negligence or neglect;
(b) Wear or abrasion caused by an inadequate sub-base;
(c) Use of inappropriate footwear or sports equipment;
(d) The playing surface being used other than for the purpose for which it was designed and installed;
(e) Use of cleaning chemicals, herbicides or pesticides;
(f) Use of improper cleaning methods;
(g) Use of infill products of an incorrect grade (according to the national related standard);
(h) Any harmful chemical reaction to the Product caused by infill materials;
(i) Post fibrillation after or during installation for purposes other than to get the infill materials in place;
(j) Failure to properly maintain, protect or repair the Products or the turf as described in Annexure A.
(k) The PH value of air and rain is below 7.0 bias Acid or up 9.0 bias Alkaline;
(l) Acts of God or other conditions beyond the reasonable control of Royal Terrace All synthetic turf containing the Products is subject to normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear is not a manufacturing defect and is not covered by this warranty. In addition to the factors mentioned above, the normal wear and tear depends on, without limitation, the local climate and the intensity of use of the synthetic turf. Purchaser should carefully read the latest versions of Royal Terrace product information materials and literature for information about optimizing the performance of the synthetic turf containing the Products.

4. Claims.

During the warranty period, if there are some quality problems of the Product, claims under this warranty must be submitted in writing, together with proof of turf production and installation date, name of installation company, batch and lot number, product sample, sample of infill material(s) and a minimum of three clear pictures showing the problem to the headquarters of Royal Terrace to evaluate the validity of the claim prior to the exchange of the product.

Such claims must be submitted to:
Royal Terrace
Tel: 010 100 3138
Fax: 086 696 4362
E-mail: info@RoyalTerrace.net
After Sales services:
PO BOX 1261, Strand, 7140

Claims must be submitted within 15 days after discovery of the alleged defect, and products needs to be returned back to the Royal terrace warehouse within 30 days after discovering the problem. Royal Terrace shall not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by Purchaser or others with respect to any tests, transport, inspections or consultations conducted by the Purchaser or others. Purchaser must promptly inspect all Products upon delivery. Anything herein to the extent that any defects, shortages or non-conformities in the Products are discoverable by inspection upon delivery of the Products, Purchaser must notifies Royal Terrace of such defects, shortages or non- conformities in writing within 15 days after the date of delivery. Otherwise Royal Terrace shall be deemed all Products to be free of such defects, shortages and non-conformities and shall not undertake the corresponding responsibility.

This guarantee only valid if certified and registered installers with Royal Terrace installed the product. It is not valid in areas above with temperatures and daily sunlight intensity higher than 230w/m2.

The explanation right to above clauses belong to Royal Terrace. If you have any questions, please call: : +27 10 100 3138