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Royal Terrace Grass Terms & Conditions

Please note that this warranty is only valid after returning a signed copy.

1. Quotations

• Quote is subject to stock availability on date of order.
• Quotes valid for 7 days.
• 100% upfront payment required for order confirmation.
• To be collected and arranged 4 hours prior to collections, unless delivery is arranged and scheduled.

2. Delivery.

• Pickup (not delivery) can be arraigned for any business dates.
• Deliveries can only take place on Tuesdays or Wednesdays during business hours. If other week days are required please add delivery costs of R7 per square.
• Customer will be called approximately 1 hour prior to delivery to confirm.
• Confirmed orders will take on average 5 days to deliver, but can take up to 10 days from order confirmation.
• Should delivery fail due to the customer not being available at the delivery address after it has been arraigned and confirmed, the customer will be liable and will have to either collect directly from the warehouse, or pay for re-delivery.
• Should the customer be unreachable the day of delivery (prior to delivery), the delivery will be cancelled and rolled over to the next available date i.e. Tuesday next week.
• Maximum offload distance from delivery vehicle is 12m. For distance further than 12m special arrangements needs to be made and additional cost will be charged.
• Payment confirmation and clearance has to be received 48 hours prior to delivery booking. I.e. Payments which clears on a Monday can still be delivered by Tuesday or Wednesday the same week. Anything later will be delivered the following week Tuesday or Wednesday.
• When receiving cancellation after free delivery has already been executed to the customer, the customer will be liable for delivery costs (estimated at R8.50 per square meter), or a 10% handling fee, whichever is greater.
• Returns: Cost of returns will be borne by the customer. .

3. Terms

• Received goods have to be inspected and any defects in the products have to be reported within 48 hours after successful delivery.
• Royal Terrace is the supplier of artificial grass only and do not take responsibility for work performed or damage caused by installers, contractors or any other third parties who will bill the customer directly.
• All calculations and estimations have been done to the best ability of the company. Our quotes therefore only indicates the cost of the grass thereon, and makes no claim that it may resolve all the requirements to complete the whole project. In rare cases during installation more grass than quoted may be required. In such an event additional grass needed will be for the customer's account.
• By accepting our quotes you are agreeing to our terms and conditions which include the Delivery Terms and the Product Warrantee.

4. Claims.

During the warranty period, if there are some quality problems of the Product, claims under this warranty must be submitted in writing, together with proof of turf production and installation date, name of installation company, batch and lot number, product sample, sample of infill material(s) and a minimum of three clear pictures showing the problem to the headquarters of Royal Terrace to evaluate the validity of the claim prior to the exchange of the product.

Such claims must be submitted to:
Royal Terrace
Tel: 010 100 3138
Fax: 086 696 4362
E-mail: info@RoyalTerrace.net
After Sales services:
PO BOX 1261, Strand, 7140

Claims must be submitted within 15 days after discovery of the alleged defect, and products needs to be returned back to the Royal terrace warehouse within 30 days after discovering the problem. Royal Terrace shall not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by Purchaser or others with respect to any tests, transport, inspections or consultations conducted by the Purchaser or others. Purchaser must promptly inspect all Products upon delivery. Anything herein to the extent that any defects, shortages or non-conformities in the Products are discoverable by inspection upon delivery of the Products, Purchaser must notifies Royal Terrace of such defects, shortages or non- conformities in writing within 15 days after the date of delivery. Otherwise Royal Terrace shall be deemed all Products to be free of such defects, shortages and non-conformities and shall not undertake the corresponding responsibility.

This guarantee only valid if certified and registered installers with Royal Terrace installed the product. It is not valid in areas above with temperatures and daily sunlight intensity higher than 230w/m2.

The explanation right to above clauses belong to Royal Terrace. If you have any questions, please call: : +27 10 100 3138